Software Demo Downloads


Software demos can be downloaded here. You need to be registered to access these. Please login

System Requirements:

These demos are normally distributed as executables which have (in general) been compiled on Linux systems running 64Bit Fedora 15 with kernel version 2.6.40-4, using gcc version 4.6.0 or 4.6.1. Some applications may have problems with older versions of the kernel and/or gcc libraries.

In each case the demo is provided as a compressed archive file with a .tgz extension. Copy this file to your desired location and extract via (e.g) tar -xzvf NAME.tgz

Specific instructions for the individual applications can be found within README files (or sometimes other files such as EXECUTE_INSTRUCTIONS). Here we give very brief instructions to be followed from the toplevel installation directory - i.e. the directory into which the relevant tgz file is unpacked.