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Conversion Tools

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In collaboration with Intel, we are developing conversion tools to help programmers switching from PowerPC/Altivec to Intel/SSE  processors. Two such tools are under development:


Altivec.h is an include file used by PowerPC programmers to access the Altivec vector instructions; it makes these available to C programmers in easy-to-use form. We have produced an Intel version of this which provides the same facilities but targets the Intel SSE or AVX instruction sets rather than the Altivec instruction set. You can get the Gold version of this tool here. Documentation can be found  here.

A demo for altivec.h is available here. You need to be registered to access this page.

PPC assembler to Intel assembler

We have a set of tools that can help customers wishing to convert from PPC to Intel at the assembler level. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.