RSPL DSP Libraries

RSPL DSP Libraries


The RSPL DSP library is designed to facilitate the programming and portability of signal processing code between numerous hardware platforms and includes the following scope within a single API:

  • support functions
  • scalar functions (mathematical functions, complex arithmetic)
  • elementwise functions (mathematical functions, arithmetic, comparison, selection, random number generation)
  • signal processing functions (FFT, windows, filters, convolution, correlation, histogram)
  • linear algebra functions: (vector and matrix products, matrix decompositions, equation solvers).

The current RSPL processing library is made up of both vector operations and matrix operations. These operations also include functions to perform single floating point precision, double precision, interleaved complex, split complex, and integer mathematics. 


We provide highly optimised RSPL DSP libraries for:

  • ARM A53, A57, and A72
  • PPC T2080
  • PPC T2081
  • PPC T4240
  • Intel AVX512
  • Intel Phi
  • Intel AVX2
  • Intel AVX
  • Intel SSE

Full reference manual documentation can be found here: Full RSPL Reference Manual

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