VSIPL DSP Libraries

VSIPL DSP Libraries


The Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library (VSIPL) is a standardised set of functions and an open application programming interface (API) that provides portable computational middleware for signal and image processing applications. It was developed by a team of hardware manufacturers, software developers, academics, and US government research centres. The API is designed to be totally processor neutral while allowing extensive processor-specific optimisations beneath the surface.

Scope of the VSIPL API:

  • support functions
  • scalar functions (mathematical functions, complex arithmetic)
  • elementwise functions (mathematical functions, arithmetic, comparison, selection, random number generation)
  • signal processing functions (FFT, windows, filters, convolution, correlation, histogram)
  • linear algebra functions: (vector and matrix products, matrix decompositions, equation solvers).

See https://www.omg.org/spec/VSIPL/ for more details.

We provide highly optimised VSIPL libraries for:

  • ARM A53, A57, and A72
  • PPC T2080
  • PPC T2081
  • PPC T4240
  • Intel AVX512
  • Intel Phi
  • Intel AVX2
  • Intel AVX
  • Intel SSE

The VSIPL API includes definitions of:

  • Core Lite
  • Core
  • Full
  • Double Precision Full

The table below gives links to the Reference Manuals, Quick Reference Guides, and Content Lists of each VSIPL specification:

Spec Manual Guide Contents
Core Lite Manual Guide Contents
Core Manual Guide Contents
Full Manual Guide Contents
DFull Manual Guide Contents


Multi-threaded versions for shared memory systems are also available - the parallelism is completely transparent to the end-user and no changes are required to existing VSIPL code.


 For benchmarks over a range of platforms please click on the links below:

VSIPL Benchmark Report 1: PPC T2080, Intel Haswell & Broadwell, and ARM A72 LX2160A.

VSIPL Benchmark Report 2: ARM A53, A57, and A72.

VSIPL Benchmark Report 3: Intel SkylakeX.

VSIPL Spreadsheet:  Intel SkylakeX.


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