Code Porting Services

Code Porting Servies


If you need

  • a DSP library to run on your boards,
  • a version of your library for another processor, 
  • extensions to existing libraries,
  • or any DSP code porting or modifying

then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have an in-house tool, known as Liberator, that assists in the automated development of low-level libraries for RISC and vector processors. Liberator targets processor-specific hardware features in order to automatically generate large numeric libraries with prescribed capabilities and interfaces. It makes it cost-effective to develop or to port the high-level routines that make up a typical scientific or numerical hardware-optimised library. Functions from linear algebra, image, or signal processing are examples.

Liberator makes optimal use of the vector facilities in your chosen processor, and on multicore systems will optionally generate multithreaded routines. The

  • excellent performance, and
  • low cost of development

mean we can provide you with new facilities, or port your existing libraries, cost-effectively and with high efficiency.  A number of major board manufacturers have already licenced our technology and our libraries. If you are a hardware manufacturer, systems developer, or software house and are interested in joining them contact NAS.

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