CSIPL DSP Libaries

CSIPL DSP Libraries


The Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library (VSIPL) is a standardised set of functions and an open application programming interface (API) that provides portable computational middleware for signal and image processing applications. The CSIPL library provides the same functionality as our VSIPL library, but with a standard C-style API for those who do not need or want to use VSIPL.

Scope of the CSIPL API:

  • support functions
  • scalar functions (mathematical functions, complex arithmetic)
  • elementwise functions (mathematical functions, arithmetic, comparison, selection, random number generation)
  • signal processing functions (FFT, windows, filters, convolution, correlation, histogram)
  • linear algebra functions: (vector and matrix products, matrix decompositions, equation solvers).

We provide highly optimised CSIPL libraries for:

  • ARM A53, A57, and A72
  • PPC T2080
  • PPC T2081
  • PPC T4240
  • Intel AVX512
  • Intel Phi
  • Intel AVX2
  • Intel AVX
  • Intel SSE

The CSIPL API includes definitions of:

  • Full
  • Double Precision Full

The table below gives links to the Reference Manuals, Quick Reference Guides, and Content Lists of each CSIPL specification:

Spec Manual Guide Contents
Full Manual Guide Contents
DFull Manual Guide Contents


Multi-threaded versions for shared memory systems are also available - the parallelism is completely transparent to the end-user and no changes are required to existing CSIPL code.

The performance of each CSIPL routine is essentially the same as that of the corresponding VSIPL routine. Therefore, for benchmark information please see our VSIPL page: VSIPL Page link.


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