Image Processing Expertise

Imaging Processing Expertise.


NAS has developed our own in-house image processing package called InfoPACK. InfoPACK provides advanced SAR image understanding algorithms together with an easy-to-use GUI, image viewer, and versatile scripting language, making application development easy and fast. Particular features of interest include segmentation, classification (supervised and unsupervised), speckle reduction, and a host of techniques for data fusion. Central to InfoPACK is a high-level library of routines for SAR image understanding, implementing specially developed algorithms optimised for SAR data. The routines optimise memory usage and can handle arbitrarily large images with the Professional Pack. InfoPACK routines may be called from InfoPACK scripts, via the InfoPACK GUI or included in other applications.

Routines within InfoPACK include:

  • Intensity Segmentation (single image; multitemporal; multipolarisation)
  • Speckle Reduction
  • Texture Segmentation
  • Segmentation Postprocessing
  • Classification
  • Edge detection (ab initio and from a prior segmentation)
  • Point Target detection (CFAR-based)
  • Large Area Change detection

Also included are a variety of low-level filters and functions for image manipulation and arithmetic operations.

InfoPACK scripts are based on Python and Numerical Python. This high-level language allows for easy and rapid development of applications. The core of the main routines is implemented in C for efficiency.

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